If your are looking for some marketing inspiration or want to surround yourself with the best marketers around the world- this list will help you in both!

In December 2020 we asked our marketers' community to list some marketing gurus they follow. Seth Godin was the most popular of them all! We're sure you might have heard of him.

There were a lot of new names too. So we decided to turn that list into a blog!

Here's a list of some of the best startup marketers we came across in 2020-

1) Dave Gerhardt

Dave is the CMO of Privy and ex-CMO of Drift. He also has a marketers community- DGMG where he shares his marketing examples and his life as a CMO

2. Janel

Janel is the creator of NewsletterOS- which helps you create and manage your newsletters. She has a weekly newsletter BrainPint where she shares tools, learnings and other resources that'll help you become 'smarter'.

3. Matthew Kobach

Matthew is the Director of Content Marketing at Fast and ex-Digital and Social Media Manager at NYSE. Check out what he has done with Fast's social.

4. Dylan Hey

Dylan is the co-founder of Hey Digital. He's also the host of The SaaS Marketing Show

5 . Shiyam Sundar

Shiyam has been a guest speaker at HelloMeets. He is a Digital Marketer at FreshWorks and ex-Digital Marketing Specialist at Zoho. Shiyam is a paid search specialist & a growth hacker.

Check out his post on- Simple ways to acquire your first 100 customers for Early-stage b2b Startups

6. Karan Amin

Karan is the Creative Head of India at MediaMonks and ex-Creative Head at Yahoo, Head of Digital for J. Walter Thompson.

7. Brian Dean

Brian is founder of Backlinko and co-founder Exploding Topics. His tweets are all about content and digital marketing. He has a following of 100k+ on Twitter.

8. Zach Kitschke

Zach is the head of marketing at Canva. And we all know how cool Canva is!

9. Brian Solis

Brian is the Global Innovation Evangelist Salesforce. He's the author of 8 books like- Engage, What's the Future of Business and Lifescale.

Check out his TedTalk-

10. Ben Thompson

Ben is the author and founder of stratechery. He's the host of 3 podcasts- Dithering, Exponent Podcast and NoTech Ben.

Read his recent article- The 2020 Stratechery Year in Review



11. David Fallarme

David is the Asia Head of Marketing at HubSpot. We have a lot to learn from them!

Read his article- Good Marketer, Bad Marketer

12. Amanda Goetz

Amanda is one of the best marketers on Twitter. Her tweet threads are full of value and practical insights. She is the founder of House of Wise- luxury CBD for women and part time CMO of Teal.