The blog title says how to grow twitter and maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for. But for those who are not on twitter, I’d like to talk about why you should spend your precious social media time on this app.

4 points on why twitter is superior than other social media apps -

  1. True and honest engagement
  2. There’s not vanity
  3. It’s not a formal environment like LinkedIn
  4. Neither is it a rave party like Instagram

Twitter is more like a sophisticated high tea or a cocktail party. It’s a place where you can reach out to anyone and GET a reply. Some people say ‘Twitter is what LinkedIn can never be’. And others say ‘It is easier to get a job on Twitter compared to LinkedIn’.

For those reasons and more, I'm sharing this curated list of methods that will help you improve your Twitter game!

Writing on this topic on my 1st anniversary on Twitter is absolutely a coincidence. If you see my profile, I’m not that famous and the reason is- I don’t really want to be. But in one year I have successfully grown my company’s account and that’s why I am writing this blog.

First things first. Before planning to grow your twitter, you should know how to use it efficiently.

Let’s put some light on how to use Twitter the right way-

  1. Know your community

    Twitter does not have any physical communities. But when you are in it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you are a marketer, start to make yourself acquainted with fellow marketers on Twitter.

    Don’t think of them as competition – but treat them as collaborators.
  2. Engage with the right people

    Participate and interact with people who are from your field, domain or niche. Interacting with the right people will open doors for different opportunities and help you make friends.
  3. Engage in the right way

    Engaging in the right way simply means not being an a**.
  • Don’t stalk or spam
  • Don’t use inappropriate language
  • Be kind
  • Be helpful

I love Gale Wilkinson’s strategy of building her personal brand on Twitter.

4. Be smart in consuming content

  • Turn on notifications of the accounts you like.
  • Create lists of people you want to build a relationship with.

These 2 ways will help you filter out your cluttered timeline. And your time will be spent more efficiently.

5. Make your profile relevant

Your profile photo, banner, bio and pinned tweet should clearly show what you will offer through your twitter account. People should know what to expect when they visit your page.

Now that you know what is the right way to use Twitter, let’s look at how to grow your Twitter account.

Before we go any further please read this tweet-

Some people just get lucky (like Ian Borthwick) but for the rest of us, I have collected these tips and resources that will help you grow your twitter.

There are tons of resources to read and watch that talk about ‘How to Grow on Twitter’.

They share 5 common things to succeed at Twitter-

  1. Consistency
  2. Authenticity
  3. Adding Value
  4. Engaging
  5. Building Relationships

1. Consistency

Tweet everyday.

In the beginning focus on quantity over quality. Your quality of tweets will rise with time.

Craig Burgess is a designer who built his personal brand and grew his business on Twitter. Watch what Craig has to say about quality vs quantity-

Here’s a tweet by Greg where he shares how he grew his twitter followers-

If you find this boring try Jakob’s-

2. Authenticity

Be honestly, truly yourself. People will know when you are or when you are not. In an interview with Craig he said- embrace your weirdness because no one can be you. Authenticity will take you a long way.

3. Adding Value

Add value in different ways. Share your learnings, observations, company growth, personal growth, side projects. Or contribute in existing conversations. Give your point of view.

Adding value will give you organic reach, build your brand, show your authenticity and eventually build trust.

One of the best way to add value is to share tweet thread.

To get started with writing tweet threads, follow what Toby does-

4. Engaging

This is similar to point 3. But here’s the catch- out of all the time you spend on social media, how much time do you actually spend being social?

You don’t have to feel shy in participating in an online conversation. It takes some courage to share your thoughts but you gotta do it if you want to grow your audience.

Just remember-

  1. Don’t share your thoughts if it's to offend or demine anyone
  2. Don’t get political (if that’s not your niche)
  3. Maintain a decorum of the platform

If Donald Trump can be kicked out of this platform. Anyone can.

Read this tweet thread by Brandon Zhang on Tweeting Strategy-

Here's how you should engage on Twitter-

5. Building Relationships

Leverage Twitter to make friends. With just 1 tweet you can reach out to CEOs, founders, VCs from all around the world.

Your twitter experience will become much more colourful and fun when you build valuable relationships.

4 Resources to help you Grow on Twitter-

  1. Deepu Asok created this free First 1000 Twitter Guide. It has everything from what is twitter to how to become a Twitter influencer.

2. E-book called Twitter Takeover by Charles Floate

3.  Twitter Marketing Tips For Brands In 2021 by Vikas Kalwani

4.  Paid resource for people planning to monetize Twitter- Twitter for No-Coders: The 28-day Blueprint for Building an Audience of Paying Customers by Jens Lennartsson

Watch this video on how Jens leveraged Twitter to get NoCode clients for marketing consultancy-

If you already follow these tips, I’d love to know how your twitter experience is going. You can reach out to me @findingmypenpal on Twitter.