This year made some people super productive and some less. If you are the latter, you might want to keep reading.

There is no 1 way or the 'right' way to be productive. You have to try different things to find the right fit for you. Some of our community members start work as early as 6 am, while some feel smoking at midnight makes them productive (this might not be a healthy option in the long run).

Here's a list of 5 productivity hacks our community members follow which will be useful for you-

1) Write down your To dos before you start work

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'I know it’s controversial whether this is good or bad, but I won’t know what to start with without a to do list for the day. And I won’t feel fulfilled until at least 80% of it is done. I found a tool where I can also combine my tasks with pomodoros, so I have a good estimation of what is realistic to accomplish' says Diana Melkumyan, Product Lead at TruePublic

2. Prioritise your work

CEO planning and prioritizing the quarter with the team.
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Syeda Afjalina Wasi, Senior Product Manager at Vymo says she 'ruthlessly prioritises & lists down quarterly, weekly and daily milestones'

'Declining meetings that are not required and stop multitasking' said Rama Chinthapalli, Lead product Manager at OpenText

3. Shift your focus

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Sometimes it's tough to focus on one task. And that's normal. That time you can go wander around in nature. Go for a walk or cycling. If you're or that outdoorsy, play a video game or cook.

Diana say, 'sometimes you feel stuck on a task. It helps to do something else for a while, letting your brain do the hard work in idle mode.'

4. Take short breaks

Take a Break
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Our attention span is decreasing with time. If you time yourself while working, you'll be surprised to see the time you do 'focused work'.

To get the most from your time, Anirudh Sangubhotla, Sr. Product Manager (APAC) at BIZGO suggests to begins work day early (9 am) gives a lot of time. And follows focused 2-3 hour sessions with half hour breaks.

5. Get Together

Taking an evening Zoom call teleconference meeting. Needed a cup of coffee to stay up late to check in with my co workers.
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Working in isolation a.k.a remote work damages the team if they are not well connected.

Anirudh 2 gets together with his team over a video call to brainstorm ideas. This not only helps them stay on the same page but builds deeper connections.

'In times of covid, keeping a good connect with different teams was challenging. So, I started chatting with teams more frequently and having more personal connect helped me get better insights. And for team members, continuous feedback and again personal connect helped me to keep my team motivated' said Bhavneet, Senior Product Manager at Zilingo

These are just a few hacks that have worked for our community members. You can find more tips and hacks in- Remote Worker’s Playbook For Productivity

We'd love to hear your productivity hacks. Share your tips and hacks to hannan@hellomeets.com1