No-Code is not just a buzzword. Its a way of self-expression that is bringing people together. Its a way of independence. Its ideas translated into actions without usual limitations of tech.

People are waking up to this concept and building meaningful products for niche audiences. The advantages are tremendous in terms of resource savings, faster feedback loops, and organic growth through 'build-in-public' approach.

Do you want to make something of your own and earn real revenue? Have a startup and built up your portfolio as a maker? It's all possible.

What will you need kickstart your no code journey and learn rapidly?  
- Knowledge of different no code tools
- Validation of ideas and guidance specific to what you're building
- Support from expert no code builders

No Code communities are the best place to get them all. One stop, and you get a rich network of professionals, founders, and specialists to learn from.

Here are the top No Communities you can join to grow as a maker and learn from the best in the field:

1. 100 Days of No Code

Created by Max Haining

This is a community that is supercharging the no code learning for makers out there. What started out as a challenge in April 2020, is now shaping into a global movement.

Taking from James Clear's 1% marginal gains idea, this community aims to make its members better at no code everyday.

Join to get:
- Personalized support and one-on-one mentorship for your no code projects
- Structured approach to building your product
- Social Accountability to keep you on your toes and progressing in your journey

2. On Deck No-Code Fellowship

Created by KP and Erik Torenberg

This is the latest addition to the pantheon of no code communities. This fellowship provides a formal training in no code skills via a 10-week community driven program.

Join to get:
- Training from the best of disruptive no code creators
- Launch your own capstone project at the end of the 10-week program

3. Women in No Code

Created by Lacey Kesler

This movement is taking the no code space by storm. It's an ensemble of women makers from all niches sharing resources, skill stacks, guidance through this community.  

Join to get:
- Tool walk-throughs
- Advanced tutorials
- Support and mentorship from women in visual development


by Kieran Ball

This an up-and-coming initiative where no code makers can record their progress via 30-second video logs. If you're building a product, you can share what that is, the challenges you are facing and get expert guidance on that project.

Best for tracking your #100DaysOfNoCode challenge progress and staying committed to the process.

Join to get:
- An exclusive environment to share your work and problems
- Creative solution from fellow no code makers
- A platform to witness journeys of other makers and learn from them
- One-on-One problem solving on chats

5. Launch MBA

Created by Kieran Ball

It is known as the friendliest no code communities out there. This community live by "only one code" - starting profitable online businesses by doing it.

If you're joining, you will end up launching 12 online products, and each of them have the potential to become businesses. It starts from simple products, and builds up to you making complex SaaS products.

Join to get:
- Practical exposure to multiple use cases and projects in no code
- Step-be-step understanding of the product building pipeline
- Hyper-focused support from experts
- Target-based approach to working on products


Created by Gregory John

Gregory brings his experience as a Udemy instructor to this community that specializes in building with – the rising star of No-Code tools. This community focuses on meticulously tracking growth.  

Join to get:
- 20+ hours of video tutorials every day
- Exclusive bootcamps
- Track your progress and boost your rate of growth

7. No Code Founders

Created by Joshua Tiernan

This is a slack community that has grown beyond 5000+ founders and makers who use no code approaches. Along with the regular knowledge sharing, they also run monthly AMA sessions for members to discuss projects, issues and solutions.

Join to get:
- Opportunities to connect with staff from bubble, Airtable, mailerlite, Integromat
- Interviews of no coders which show you how they built their products
- Jobs at no code companies who're hiring

No Code Devs

This global community has over 900 members from 50+ countries. While the members get exposure to key skills in making MVPs, automation, data-driven approaches to building no code products, they get 1-on-1 coaching from experts.

Join to get:
- Multi-cultural perspectives on no-code development in pro AMA sessions
- Jobs and opportunities
- Personalized validation and feedback for whatever you're building

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