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[#04 - Late September - Early October 2020 Edition]

Hi friend!

October has begun with a bang!

Revenue-generating creations are rising through No Code tools, and the world for makers, marketers, and designers is getting way more interesting!

Here are the highlights of meetups that happened since the last time you heard from us :)


Lessons From Swiggy On Creating Viral Social Media Presence

What gives people a reason to follow your startup on social media?
The value your content is giving them.

How to go viral?

  • Look out for new trends that people are talking about
    - try doing moment marketing. You can make an entertaining post based on that trend to get traction.
  • Use pop culture - A lot of people watch shows online, read graphic novels, and films, and discuss them online. You can leverage those conversations online to put out your content in a fun way.
  • New features - when a social platform releases a new feature, be the first one to use it with a marketing campaign. You'll orgnaically reach many people, as the platform would want that engagement, and it will promote your post.

Figure out the value that you are giving to a consumer who wants to follow your page.

Learnings From Our Coffee Table Meetup For Marketers

  • Marketing should bring in customers. It’s not like sales where you are pushing the product in the face of the customers.
    it’s 80% engagement 20% promotion.
  • When starting any marketing channel for your startup - email or social media, always set the expectation. What will you send, when will you send it and how much will you send. First, earn trust then pitch.
  • How to beat the channel fatigue? (email, social, etc.)
    - Always share innovative and fresh content
    - Keep it engaging
    - Don’t spam

More and more cross-functional roles are emerging in the startup space, and people are shifting to UX design and building products! And luckily, a leading design head had come to HelloMeets to help out the aspiring UX designers.

Getting Into UX Design From a Non-design Background

Your different background and way of life can give you a lot of qualities of being a UX designer. Keep an eye out for refreshing these while shifting.

This is what you'll need as a UX designer.

  • Analytical thinking
  • Empathy
  • Team spirit
  • Problem Solver
  • Critical eye

Tips on building a portfolio:

  • Ensure that it has a storytelling element in the portfolio
  • Articulate your decisions and communicate your thought process in your projects
  • For projects, pick up challenges from the internet and solve them, make them look like your projects

Got a brilliant business idea, but no techie co-founder? You'll love this:

Using No-Code To Startup Without a Tech Cofounder

This is the time to ride the wave of creating through No Code tools and systems.

No Code tools are scalable.

You can turn your side projects into actual revenue-making businesses.
There are many examples for this:


No Code Tools to check out right away:

  • Glide - allows you to make apps, give you mobile-first focus on the interface
  • Adolo - helps you make & launch to the app stores of iOS and Android at the same time.
  • Sharetribe - a marketplace tool. You can make Airbnb or eBay like platforms without code using this.
  • Bubble - To make web-based apps without code.

Micheal Novotny launched his own startup called to help people find the best no-code tool stacks for their use cases and concepts. He also gives free consultation to no code makers and founders on twitter.

If you're looking to apply the above learnings in any way, you'll need to up your focus game. Here's a concept visualization to help you:

See it bigger here

Podcast Episode of the Week

North Start Podcast by David Perell

Episode - Morgan Housel: Writing For the Internet

Morgan Housel is the author of Psychology of Money, where he shares 19 stories about the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to manage it.

In this episode, David and Morgan explore writing profitably and how investment strategies have changed over time.

Music to Pump Up Your Productivity

Butterflies (Nighthawk remix) by Tony Anderson

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